I've get close to the world of Graphic by chance,
I felt that I've had to follow that path and chase my passions.
When I truly under stud what was the real meaning of Graphic Design
I knew I made the right choice.
Teatro Di Sacco is a theater company that was born and lives in Perugia.
His performances are part of a trend called experimental theater;
a type of entertainment that seeks to engage the viewer to make him feel part of the show.

The graphic design for the theater has been realized in my second academic year at the NID New Istitute Design of Perugia ,
with the supervision of the teacher Marco Fagioli.
Brand's evolution from sketch to the final work.
Initialy the base for the font was Liberation Sans I've proceed to elaborate it.
The cage used for cutting the font and for its transformation.
Final font.
Final mark realized for the theater company 'Teatro Di Sacco'.
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